Monday, October 29, 2007

Water Garden Elements

I have four of them, which I cannot sink, as I usually do, as we have been renting ( I HATE renting, but it's better than living in one's car!). They are putting out lots of new growth, despite the cold weather. I think they are happy that it isn't 100+ degrees.

The daddy longlegs was hunkering down, hiding from the mama longlegs! Maybe she wanted him to rake leaves! LOL!

The ladybug is the Asian variety that most folks around here curse, as they are so prolific, find their way inside homes, and proceed to die and stink up the place. They have a very specific odor when crushed, dead, or alive. I love them, however, as my home is a jungle, and they keep the aphids away from the impatiens and Key Lime tree.


Maggie R said...

Hi there!
I haven't visited for a bit and WOWIE! you have all sorts of interesting and lovely things to see and read about.
Your pictures are wonderful!
Fall is a landscape of wondrous colors and things! You have captured them so well. Thanks Gypsy.

Gypsy said...

It's lovely to have a day off work, and be able to put up things that are enjoyable to share! Thanks for looking, Maggie!

CorStory76 said...

I agree...gorgeous pictures, Gypsy! I'm envious you can even do that much with gardening while renting. We rent also, and the extent of my gardening abilities clashes with the curious nature of my kitties along with having only an outdoor cement porch for growing space...any suggestions on how to grow ANYTHING in a box while owning a cat would be greatly appreciated! Happy Halloween everyone!