Thursday, October 18, 2007

Making Faces

It was mentioned on BAD (see link in links section) about drawing faces for art dolls, and being stumped or even afraid, to do so.
Where does this come from, I asked myself?
We all happily drew circles, albeit crooked ones, with two dots for eyes, and a curve for a mouth, when we were young.
Progressing beyond that seemed difficult, at best, and horrific, at worst.
Are we our own worst critics, or was this instilled in us, by teachers, parents, friends?
Why haven't we gotten over this?
I am currently in a challenge at IAP ( ) for leaves, that ends this week.
I think I will toss into that group, this conundrum.
Maybe there is a resolution I cannot see, besides the one my art teacher gave me, years back- draw them til you are sick of them- UPSIDE DOWN!


Maggie R said...

Goodmorning to you. I see you dancing in the rain! (Sounds like an idea for a doll) It is so ironic that some areas get too much and others get very little...
Enjoy it while it last!
BTW Thanks for visiting my blog... I gather you are of russian descent!!? :0)
Have a great day

Gypsy said...

Ah, sort of, Maggie...I am second generation Polish-American, but both my parents were born of Poles who came to live in Detroit.
They had settled in Poland, after wandering as Gypsies for several generations, when it became easier to settle, garden, and save up to move elsewhere. My Great Grandmother sold her crops, turned it into US silver dollars, which she had sent over inside her chest. We grandkids each got one, at our birthdays, and at Christmas.
She was 48" tall, and outlived 5 husbands, had four children, one of which came to the US with her. That would have been my Grandmother, who died after giving birth to her youngest daughter- my Aunt Nana. That was when my mom was 4.
My GreatGrandmother Agnes had had kids at home, then was back in the fields the next day, working.
I took my cue from her, and had both kids at home!
But, I had wondered where my 'balloons' had come I know, thanks to you, Maggie!