Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Up into the air they go! or using recycled materials

We are challenged for storage here at our little mountain home, though there is plenty of square footage. Abigail was originally meant to be a weekend Summer cottage, so we have exactly three small closets, and about 10 running feet of cupboards.

So, getting creative about storage, especially things we might want to look at, or get to often, menas putting them on the walls.

There are three 4' x 8' bookcases, four smaller ones, and my desk, but still wasn't enough room.

So, in honor of this being an environmentally friendly blog day, I went to my recycle wood pile, grabbed a few lengths, and created two shelves in the studio, for my dolls and beading mags! Even the screws and hardware are 'saved'.

All righty then!


Maggie R said...

Looking good Aryd'ell... I am all for recycling.
How lovely to see all your dolls enjoying each other's company.

Gypsy said...

I wonder how everyone keeps their dolls....I know Sherry has alot of them all over her half bath downstairs, that everyone gets to use and see. The rest are hanging, or all sitting, in every room in her home!
How do you keep all your babies, Maggie?