Monday, April 30, 2012

The Goose goes on

Added some cats-eye flat squares that reminded me of the
stepping stones along the path to the lake. We took that
path each morning to feed the geese and swans. Swans only
ate grass-so we pulled it up and gave it to them. The geese
ate whatever we had :-).
Surrounded the medallion with crystal roundelles, for sparkle,
and then cubes-another stepping stone reminder. The white
flowers are the first of many. I never saw as many flowers in
one place, as in Stratford!
Happy Beading, everyone!

Loosey Goosey, memories of Stratford, Ontario

I wanted this to be a memory doll, one that has as many
elements of our honeymoon in Stratford, Ontario, as I could
get onto one doll. I chose a Canada goose as the basic form,
then went into all the beads I could find in the three colors
of the goose;white,grey and black. All the styles of seed
beads were chosen, as well as larger beads that could act as
focal beads. I know I won't use all of them, but it helps to
have them all out in front of me as I go.

Here is the first idea. Not liking it, though I liked the concept.
Stratford is beautiful in June, with warm evenings and lots of
stars as we walked along the lake to see the next bit of
Shakespeare on our agenda. But these are just too large,
and don't really say what I want them to, so off they come!
This is better! Stratford has flowers all over the place; in beds,
hanging baskets, window boxes. While the photos we took
have degraded, being film from negatives, the memories are
still fresh. I chose this 1940s metal button for both the flowers
and the wreath around the edge, to add a bit of Brit.
Very Stratford, don't you think?
I'm happy with this, and we'll go from here.
Happy Beading, everyone!