Tuesday, October 21, 2008

That old Meme, or, Tag, You're IT!

I tag;
1) Phyl in NC http://phylliskingartworks.blogspot.com/
2) Dian in AZ http://creationsbyeless.blogspot.com/
3) Sunni of NM http://enchantedwolfbeading.blogspot.com/
4) Ralonda of TX http://beaded2bless.blogspot.com/
5) Heather of IN http://heathershaven2.blogspot.com/
6) Bobbi in OR http://beadingatthebeach.blogspot.com/
7) Victoria of AZ http://artntheheart.blogspot.com/

You know the rules- give up 7 facts about you that are not well known...and then tag 7 more friends on their blogs, using the comment section. Then post on your blog who you have tagged, with links to their sites..that way, we all get to know one another a little bit better!

I've been tagged!!

Arline http://sharedstuffbyarline.blogspot.com/ got me when I wasn't looking! Do go see what she had to say when she was tagged...did ya know she was a majorette????
Here are the rules....

Here are the rules:1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I always wanted to either play an instrument in the band, or to be in Girl Scouts, but wasn't allowed to do either as a child, so became a Girl Scout Leader and learned French Horn as an adult! I still play with Kurt's HS band at concerts, and march in the parades, but my horn doesn't visit the parade, nor the football stands.

2. I LOVE cats of all sizes, shapes, temperaments and colors. If I could, I would have about 12 of them, but to be fair to them, would need a huge farm, where they could be outside when they wished, via a cat flap in the door, and little to no vehicle traffic to threaten them. One of them would be a bobcat or a tiger.

3. I would be happy living 'so far down a dirt road that they have to pump in sunshine'! It would be at least partly underground, with solar, water and wind-generated power, so we would be off the grid.
I truly love my privacy, and while I enjoy the company of humans, I want it when I want it, not all the time! Excepting my DH, that is!

4. My DH is the Love of my Life, and I used to dream about his voice and the feel of his arms going around me from the time I was a teen! I didn't meet him in the physical until I was in my 40s.

5. I never thought I would have children, but after I did, couldn't imagine Life without them! They are my Best Friends!

6. My Dream Farm would not be complete without a couple of horses- a complacent older Percheron for Kurt, who is 6'3", with hands and feet that dwarf mine, and a wide-backed, smart-assed Appaloosa for me! Neither would mind pulling a sled in the winter.

7. My Life Dream is to be recognized as a Bead Artist, and be able to re-create with beads those experiences I find important enough to immortalize in the shapes of Beaded Art Dolls...

OK, now I have to tag 7 of you....this is an important task, and I choose, hmmm, well, maybe I need more coffee first!
I will chose later!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Time to come in out of the cold

I have been putting off bringing in the plants for as long as possible. Not only are they much happier on the deck, but they don't have to worry about the cats munching on them, less light and drier air. Plus, they have gotten HUGE over the years. Yesterday's frost warning pushed me into high gear, so now the dining area, living room, bedroom, beading area AND sound studio have their own inside Jungles.

The rubber tree over the beading area was a rescue my former DMIL talked me into getting from Lowes, when it was hanging out in the trash receptacle. It is now a respectable 7' by 6' plant, that has been cut back to bush out. It will probably be our living 'Christmas tree' this year!

We will enjoy living with them, even having to watch where we sit, or lean through them to feed Al Bird (who loves having his inside Jungle surround him.

Now, only the task of covering the inside windows with shrink film remains- it keeps the house above 40 degrees, even with no heat. With the heat on the lowest setting ( we use gas logs in the single fireplace) it becomes a comfy (and sometimes overly warm-feeling) 68 degrees! I would much rather put on a sweater and socks than feel hot!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Locks of Love day equals Lots of Love Day!

My oldest gave me the treat of a haircut, when I mentioned that I would like one just like hers! I had had it in mind to donate my shorn locks, all 12+ inches of them, to Locks of Love.

Check them out here
My ponytail will not directly be used for childrens' hair pieces, as it is silver and brunette, but can be sold to offset the cost of the hairpieces made for the children, which run about $6,000 each, and must be redone after the child's skull outgrows the current one. The hairpieces are not reused, so it is a constant need for new hair.
There are two guys in our town that have grown and donated hair, and they inspired me to 'get with the program'!
Thanks to Celeste, my oldest, and to Circe, my new hairdresser supreme, who made this an exciting adventure with a happy ending ( especially for not making me look like Katie Couric!!!)
Enjoy the pics.

Friday, October 10, 2008

October Surprise!

I almost let this plant die in the cold last year. No matter what size basket I plant it in, the roots take over, and the plant looks like dog doodie. I did pull off several of the largest stem/leaves and stick them in larger pots that had plants in them already. Those are rooted and doing fine, but it is the ugly, old one in the basket that put on the show.
Nightblooming 'cactus'- Cereus, I believe, but I am open to correction- open at night and have a white color and scent to attract certain moths in their native climes. It is a faint, delicate scent, that not everone likes.
The only reason I was able to get these shots is the rain we had all night, that continued into the morning hours, fooling the plant with the cloud cover that held onto the darkness.
Isn't it a beauty!
I guess I will repot again, and bring them in and actually feed them this winter! I just cannot bear to leave plants out to freeze, no matter how ugly or large they get!

Fall Festival Parade in Cherokee, NC

The pics say it all- YES! I love band, especially the Cherokee Marching Braves....and it does NOT have anything to do with my DH running things....well, maybe a little.
Enjoy the pics. We were in the front, right behind Chief Hicks and his bodyguard, and were lucky to have three alumni come play with us; Chris on mellphone, Wade on trombone, and Homer on trumpet. I find it most refreshing that Kurt leaves his kids with such a love of music that they willingly volunteer to march 4 miles in the heat, just to play with the Band!!! That's what makes him a Bandmaster, not just a 'director'!

October's Doll

I wanted to do something radically different with my doll for the October part of the Year Long Challenge at Beaded Art Dolls, and two leaves in my yard stood out, saying 'Pick me! Pick me!' to help out.
I scanned them, then used EasyBeadPatterns' free program to recreate the leaves in brickstitch, shrinking them to 3" and 1" tall, and holding them to only 12 colors each.

Both beaded up quickly, and I always love how brickstitch allows a piece such sturdiness! I did 'forget' how to do the decreases at first, and went to Silverhill's free site for a video refresher.
Look under the 'goodies' link for other tutorials that are really, really helpful.
But, that is why you might see a stray thread here and there....
Still, I am most happy with Autumn Flame, and she will make a nice pin or pendant!