Friday, October 10, 2008

October Surprise!

I almost let this plant die in the cold last year. No matter what size basket I plant it in, the roots take over, and the plant looks like dog doodie. I did pull off several of the largest stem/leaves and stick them in larger pots that had plants in them already. Those are rooted and doing fine, but it is the ugly, old one in the basket that put on the show.
Nightblooming 'cactus'- Cereus, I believe, but I am open to correction- open at night and have a white color and scent to attract certain moths in their native climes. It is a faint, delicate scent, that not everone likes.
The only reason I was able to get these shots is the rain we had all night, that continued into the morning hours, fooling the plant with the cloud cover that held onto the darkness.
Isn't it a beauty!
I guess I will repot again, and bring them in and actually feed them this winter! I just cannot bear to leave plants out to freeze, no matter how ugly or large they get!

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