Monday, March 31, 2008

a rare rant, sort of

I was actually excited about seeing King's 'The Mist'.
And it lived up to my expectations throughout 99% of the film, giving me the shivers and causing me to eat copious amounts of popcorn and licorice (sick, I know).
What is it with King and bad endings? Does he run out of thoughts?
Does he get lazy? Does he have to go to town for milk and bread, and forgets the characters he is writing about? Or does he just give into Hollywild's need for stupidity?
My own personal theory is that most folks haven't grown up in a time where bad things happened randomly, so they want to get it in their films. If they had seen friends and family shipped off to a senseless war, and come in insane, in parts, or in a box, as I did during the Vietnam days, they might see things differently.
BUT STILL- why have the characters change character at the end of the film? Why have them work so hard to survive, even state that they were not the suicidal types (not going to drink the Jim Jones' Kool-Aid), then allow themselves to be shot? They weren't being threatened by anything at that time? Why not take a nap?
In fact, that is a good idea, a nap.
Think I will.
After I write to King.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pearl Moon Egyptian finished

Here she is, the Egyptian Goddess of the Moon and Stars. 24" in length. Click on pics to see larger.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pearl Moon face pendant

She cried out for something a bit early Egyptian, and I have done my best. The necklace was a bit bare, so am trying some freeform with gold plated beads...

My indoor Florida Anise Shrub

Illicium floridanum, or what is that great smelling, HUGE blooming green thing taking up the entire front room! LOL!

It is blooming happily this year, having gotten enough sunlight in the front room, compared to the lack of, in the studio.


And yes, I can get star anise from this one, if I pollinate the blooms. Maybe the Chinese ladybird beetles will do it for me..
for more information

Friday, March 14, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How I bead

Boy, I am really catching up this morning!

This is how I bead; a board created by my DH over 20 years ago, so that he could eat while watching a film, and covered with his fav Scottie cloth, my bead tray, and a cuppa something (this is coffee, Ja-Makin-Me-Crazy, from the West End Coffeehouse in Greenville, SC, and yes, they ship!).

It holds everything I need, and can go from chair to chair, in case Kurt wants to use his projector and screen to watch a film, whereupon me and my Ott are ejected most kindly. Actually, we just leave- he would rather I stay, but the light hitting the glass beads of the screen sort of defeats the purpose of watching that way.

Cats can sit on the side and watch, and all things necessary to at least one project, but usually more, can fit either into the tray or on the sides. It can be lifted all at once, and placed to the side for quick and easy jump-ups!

It holds all my tools and work at a level that prevents neck and back strain. That's a huge plus..
And then there is the wonderful beadtray itself, a gift from my friend Bebee, made by her DH Hank! You can see how much fits into this tray, by the 6" flat iron next to it. It keeps all my beady items safely and comfortably in place anywhere I go with it, including the car. I find riding in the backseat allows me to rest my knees on the front, and the tray stays perfectly level and in place! I have turned into one of those old ladies riding in the back, while their DHs drive?! Wonder if they are all beading, too? LOL!

You might want to get someone special to make one up for you!

Up to what?

Lots of work, going in early to deliver furniture, which is another blessing in the customer-short days of Winter!
More kumibeado....see pic- this one was mailed off as a gift.
Mailing out kumidisks to friends all over the world!
Receiving lovely gifts back, including some very special packets of seed beads from my friend Gale, in AZ, and a beautiful shawl/shrug/stole- handknit!- from my friend Phyl in NC!!
I am loved!


I had been blocked out of my blog login for several days now. This was due to an overactive spyware determining program my DH and I had bought.I am grateful for the 2000+ items it found and removed, but am happy to see it gone, as well. As well as being grateful that it has a 30 day money back guarantee!
Life is good!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still more Kumibeado

The fuzzy one is done, and has a homemade, and I do mean 'homemade-not so professional-looking' clasp of purple ArtWire. I will change it later.

The other is the one that was loose, and I pulled at the beads with my fingernails, starting at one end, and working my way to the other end, til I got it tight. Ended up with another inch of loosely braided thread, tied a closer knot, and put on the clasp. Had to add some silver beads and jumprings, as it was now too short for even my daughter's tiny wrist!

I also finished the one with the different size beads- 8o hex, 8o seed, 10o seed and 11o seed. I really like how this one has such great texture, and gives me a format for all the hex beads I bought on sale at!

I will be putting a copper end on the latter so will have to wait til they arrive from, am making another one, but with some orange AB hex 11os I got from Kristen in the mail yesterday!

Yeah, I know, FL Gator colors, but who cares!

I don't 'do' football!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

another spot of Kumibeado

This time, with some yarn fibres substituted for 6 of the threads.

Also, a bracelet made for my oldest, and one done with the exact same beads, but done loosely. You can see the smaller diameter and openness if you click on the pics of these two darker pieces.

I ended up using my fingers to shove the beads down against the knot, on that second piece. It tightened it up considerably.

No pics there, as Celeste grabbed it and ran- so, later for the finished product!


Bird Channel offline?

So Flash Catt had to make do with bellyrubs ( he loves them!) and sitting in the sun, contemplating whether to do some writing on the typewriter, or a bit of recording. He does have a lovely purr and intimidating growl! LOL