Monday, March 31, 2008

a rare rant, sort of

I was actually excited about seeing King's 'The Mist'.
And it lived up to my expectations throughout 99% of the film, giving me the shivers and causing me to eat copious amounts of popcorn and licorice (sick, I know).
What is it with King and bad endings? Does he run out of thoughts?
Does he get lazy? Does he have to go to town for milk and bread, and forgets the characters he is writing about? Or does he just give into Hollywild's need for stupidity?
My own personal theory is that most folks haven't grown up in a time where bad things happened randomly, so they want to get it in their films. If they had seen friends and family shipped off to a senseless war, and come in insane, in parts, or in a box, as I did during the Vietnam days, they might see things differently.
BUT STILL- why have the characters change character at the end of the film? Why have them work so hard to survive, even state that they were not the suicidal types (not going to drink the Jim Jones' Kool-Aid), then allow themselves to be shot? They weren't being threatened by anything at that time? Why not take a nap?
In fact, that is a good idea, a nap.
Think I will.
After I write to King.


kristen said...

I'm with you on this one. Let me know what King has to say!


crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi aryd'ell
i am a king fan too and i read the mist scared the bejeaus out of me-i rarely watch what is made into film-ALWAYS a disapointment
enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone waste time on a King flick? lol Can you tell I am not a fan? I live in a house where hubby and daughter read and watch King and I don't understand why they put themselves through the terror. Give me a good who dun it or a romantic comedy anyday.

Just my humble opinion,