Sunday, March 2, 2008

Still more Kumibeado

The fuzzy one is done, and has a homemade, and I do mean 'homemade-not so professional-looking' clasp of purple ArtWire. I will change it later.

The other is the one that was loose, and I pulled at the beads with my fingernails, starting at one end, and working my way to the other end, til I got it tight. Ended up with another inch of loosely braided thread, tied a closer knot, and put on the clasp. Had to add some silver beads and jumprings, as it was now too short for even my daughter's tiny wrist!

I also finished the one with the different size beads- 8o hex, 8o seed, 10o seed and 11o seed. I really like how this one has such great texture, and gives me a format for all the hex beads I bought on sale at!

I will be putting a copper end on the latter so will have to wait til they arrive from, am making another one, but with some orange AB hex 11os I got from Kristen in the mail yesterday!

Yeah, I know, FL Gator colors, but who cares!

I don't 'do' football!


Beadin' Gram/aka Jackie said...

WOW, look at you go ----- what great kumibeado bracelets ---- I just have to make time to get at mine -- have a few UFO's to get done -- and then the new challenges mixed in with a couple trips --- but I love yours and will definitely be doing some ASAP. Thanks for sharing pix of your beauties.

Noel said...

Aryd'ell your bracelets look the one with the fiber in it. I take it this is some new beading technique...saw something on Jackie's blog too...a stool with a hole in the!
Thanks for sharing, they sure are lovely.