Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jeweled Links Variation

Nancy Cain published this lovely pattern in the February 2010 Beadwork magazine, and a friend of mine, Sherry Grove, followed that pattern to create her own Blingy Jewel.
You know me, I can never leave well enough alone, so played with the pattern a bit. I didn't have many 3mm bicones and no 3mm pearls at all, so the first change was making those 4mm. I left the numbers alone, as the original pattern created a 7.25 inch bracelet- a bit tighter than I prefer. I did change the number of pearls near the toggle end, as Nancy suggested, to make it fit perfectly.
I added embellishments in the form of 3 bead picots on the outsides of the rings, which also stablized their form. The slider base for one bead was done in 15s, rather than delica 11s, and I added 3mm matagamas to those ends under the outside 'stars'. I also added matagamas between the pearls at the outsides of the toggle, as well as alternating pearls and bicones to the toggle connector.
All in all, I am pretty darn happy with my version, and hope Nancy would be as well!
Click on any photo to make it full size.

Friday, August 20, 2010


My own design- had it without any of the bling, but decided to poke about in my crystals. I like it alot better with the Swar button, roundelles, drops and bicones.

Icy Blues Earrings

From Gwen Fisher's pattern, Deco Lotus, in Beadwork Magazine, November 09. Used Chinese faceted roundelles in place of the seed beads and it worked up very nicely.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Puffin loves that fish tank!

The fish are getting older, so is Puffin.
But still, they seem to enjoy watching each other.
I gave the tank a good cleaning, taking out some of the duck weed that was helping to keep the water sparkling, but was beginning to take over the surface.
All of a sudden, the duckweed left was spinning over and around in circles, as the filter sent new water into the tank.
Puffin and the fish thought this was great fun.
Man, I hope I am that easily entertained when I am nearing 100 years old (in cat years!)

Ask, and I shall do my very best

DH Kurt wished he had the old knife pouch, a tattered nylon and velcro affair, that he used to carry pens and attached to his waist.
I had already rigged an eyeglass case and a leather ID to attach to his belt, so thought 'what the heck, I can prolly do this, too'.
Here are the results.
Soft leather from sofa samples, cut and stitched with fireline, then brick picot edged, and a wonderful greenstone cab to accent the front.
Boy, am I ever glad he teaches at a school where beadwork is prized, and many of the guys, as well as women, wear beaded objects.
He loves it, it works, and folks are intrigued by the cabwork, something the Cherokee are pretty new to.

Snowflakes to Celtic Crosses

Robin, of We Got The Bead online store (check her out folks, she is awesome and new stuff came in!), created this snowflake pattern, then posted it free on Beaddreamz yahoogroup ( come join us, if you haven't already!).
I made one, then changed the stitches, added some beads here and there, and came up with the white Celtic Cross.
Wanted one that was more Medieval looking, so did the one in ruby and gold- and love the results.
Doncha just love how the mind takes one thing, and goes down a different avenue??

Gotta Wonder

Interesting that my DH, Kurt, found his book on sale via an Amazon seller, for less than he can buy from his publisher..
He bites the bullet, gets the books, of which one is actually his book, but the other is his cover, with another book inside!
He writes the publisher, who wants the 'damaged' book, sends it after we get some photos, and they send him TWO replacement copies.
How nice is that!?
Gotta love Outskirts Press!

Fyre, companion to Pele, Goddess of Volcanos

Many of the beads that were put on her during the round robin were falling off, due to thread that was literally rotting. It looks like regular cotton thread, and I think the beads that were used had sharp edges, and cut through it til the thread gave out.
So, off with the old, on with the new.
Her fabric patterning cried 'Fire' to me when I made her, so am working with that patterning to showcase the different aspects of fire, some helpful, some harmful, but all just fire in its many glories and colors.
I hope you enjoy watching her 'grow'.

WOW, Whew, great to be back!

Nothing like opening your computer and having it not wish to turn on.
Then getting home, and finding your area is part of a large DSL outage.
Am I an internet junkie or what?
Yes, I took the spare laptop down to the front of our friends' deli, and got online with their wireless cable hookup, thank goodness.
But uploading pics and such was more than I could bear, in the extreme heat we are experiencing, as well as while trying to fend off the flies that found me more interesting than the old, spilled ice cream from the shop next door!
So, a few updates.
The retreat was so very relaxing and fun.
Made things, haven't done pics of them yet.
The ladies had a great time with their fish, and are still working on them.
I am sending the extras to Mexico, so some lady beaders there can have fun learning bead embroidery.
Do have some pics of things I worked on while having no internet- does wonders for letting you just sit and bead!
Next post....
Hope you all are well, beading happily, and staying either cool or warm, depending on where in the world you are!
I missed you all!