Friday, November 4, 2011

The dolls are rolling in and out again

It is so interesting to me how some beaded dolls sit there and refuse to give you a clue as to what they want, and others just jump into your stash of beads and fling what they want at you!

I know this is figuratively, but really-some you can just stare at for weeks, then you pick what YOU want to put on, but don't really know if you are happy with what you have done, or not.

Others seem to whisper into your intuitive ear, and the design flows.

Aline's Persphy, a felt doll, had that wondrous flow. She came with her grape leaves about her face, but they were a bit floppy. Folks at the retreat enjoyed seeing her, but were hesitant to hold her with the loose beads. Sherry noticed her face cabbing was loose, and then the face just popped off.

I reglued it, but the cabbing threads had been part of the same threads for the Czech pressed glass grape beads, so they were loose. Plus, they were not permanent finish, but just gold galvanized, so the gold coloring was coming off to show the clear inside. Used some lapis colored size 8s, then 11s in Toho permanent finish gold, and finished with transparent purple and dk bronze 11s to tie the face to the grapevine design.

That grapevine was the fastest design that ever happened for me. Used a sharpie to do a basic outline, used 6s, 8s and 11s for the base, then went over it with 15s to create the twisted look a grapevine has. Added the grape beads with a separate thread, in case they break it (used 6# Fieline) and went through each 3 times. Sort of kicked myself for not doing to greens swirls under those grapes first, but they actually went very smoothly, not catching on the beadwork except once or twice!

All in all, she is a wonderful Grape Harvest Goddess, and I am happy with how we collaborated on her she goes in the next round of this RR! The pics show before and after. As always, clicking on them makes them full size.

Yippee! Yippee!!

I finally got to hold the Bead and Button magazine with my Herringbone Highway bracelet project- pg 80, Dec 2011! They did send an advance copy during the retreat, but it got shuffled under things and I didn't come across it til this morning. Now I have a magazine to send to my Godmother, Aunt Bunny. She always supported any of my creative ventures, and I am proud to be her God-daughter!
I couldn't have done this without the help of the editor, Stacy, as she took my step-by-step photos and written instructions, then created wonderful illustrations that should help you make one of these slinky bracelets for yourself!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

How the Time does fly

Though it feels sometimes like a snail's pace at those same moments. Finally getting to drive a bit was certainly freeing, but the payment was in aches and pains later. This, too, shall pass. It does feel good to get out and around; to be able to go where I need to go without having to impost on friends and family for needed ventures!
And it's funny- I feel guilty for being home and healing, while creating in my beady world, are excited about going back to work a bit outside the home, yet, like a horse that hasn't been ridden in awhile, are a bit barn sour. Just want to plant my feet and say NO! But, like the carrot used to get the horse to come to bit and saddle, that extra money to pay off bills and allow even more mobility are coaxing me out.

Today I will try my leg and body in this mode by volunteering at the Marianna Friends of the Library Bookstore....4 hours with only a stool for rest. If that goes well, then I will be most open to seeing where the Universe thinks I best belong on the next part of my journey!

These are a few of the things I have done while at home, healing. There are more, including many things that needed fixing. Nothing like time to get to those projects I kept putting off!

The Mermaid in the boat necklace was for BFAC. Had a devil of a time getting a photo of her!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

More fish pics

Just some closeups of my new fishies..

Barb Grainger's Pinecone pattern as Lotus

Get the pattern at tell Cindy I sent ya!

Bebee in orange

What to do with chicklets and her lovely watermelon bead bracelet- my, the woman does love Orange!

Paso Double tut- short version

RAW center first, with 3mm rounds and 1.5mm cubes. You can use larger of each.

Then seed beads- start with 4 on outside channel made by 1.5 mm cubes, then go through

next 1.5mm cube, pick up 3 seed beads and circle around (RAW) using closest seed bead from last RAW circle. Continue to end. Do other side. Go through outside seed beads with another color 1.5mm cube, one between each seed bead. Add clasp. Add single loop of seed beads to connect if using a magnetic clasp as shown. Peyote back down that single loop. It looks more finished that way.

You may wish to make the bracelet center about a half inch longer than you think you need, as it pulls up nicely, even if you don't bead tightly.

Enjoy your bracelet!

Paso Double updated

Susan Council did a version using cubes instead of the usual crystals, at the Fall Bead Retreat for MSEBRG.

Riza and I finally got to do one of our own at the Beadalot the other day. Hers is lapis rounds for the center, with 24K plated seed beads and mine is Jasper rounds for the center. I have worn it nonstop for three days and most times forget it is there- so comfy!

It is a fast bracelet to make up, whether you do it in two needle or single.

Why not try one of your own?

Happy Creating!

Mermaid RR in progress

We finally got the Mermaid RR off the ground and into the water! So many of us had health issues this summer, either with ourselves or our family, that it just paid to wait a bit.

Here is Andine- body by Sherry Grove and face by Sharon 'Harry' Solly. I think Sherry gave me the sequins, as well, and the little Czech fish. The button was from Bebee Goddard, so this is going to be full of memories, as well.

I can't wait to see how he looks when he comes home.

Happy Creating!

Some Fish Tales

Now that I can sit for more than a few minutes at the computer, I hope to catch up on posting AND reading blogs...I have missed it more than you will ever know.

We have a Challenge/Swap ongoing at Beaddreamz- beaded fish! It has caught on like nothing else and folks are making lots of fish in all different sorts of shapes and sizes.

Here are my two offerings, so far! The BFAC took all my beady and sitting effort, but it is done and now I get to play!

I see many, many more of these fish. They do take longer to make the embellished ones, but those hold their shape so much better than the peyote-only fish bodies.

Maybe I won't even have to get the tree decorations out, and as the tree is pre-lit, can just hang all my fishies and some beaded dolls on it this year.

Being a grown-up is SO much fun!

Happy Creating! Click on the pic to see it full size..

Monday, August 1, 2011

Whew- glad to be back

Taking on 'real work'- caretaker for an elderly couple and helping out at our local antique store- has eaten up all the creative energies I had stored up over the past two years. Nice to have the money, but....
Spirit took care of all that two weeks ago, when the band riser I was helping to construct gave way and I took a tumble to a carpeted concrete floor. Managed to do a good enough break on both my tibia and fibula that the surgeon was impressed "Best break he had seen in 20 years!". Don't know if that is a good claim to fame or not, but am healing nicely, with the help of some titanium additions to the bones, lots of rest and plenty of time to create.
It really had me thinking- "why am I burning myself out just for 'money', when what I really want to do is create?" I am a much happier, nicer person to be around when being creative, according to my DH, who has to put up with me in all my moods, so why not bite the bullet and make it happen?
Others have.
So, NobleElf's Etsy shop is being built; patterns, beadwork, dolls, assorted vintage goods I have collected and decided to let go of before they take over the house...I am excited!
So, how is YOUR Life coming along?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Muse and you...

(Image by )

There is a great post about what to do when you and your Muse just seem to have lost the desire to create, and what might be behind it. Read all about it at .

Right now, I am having the opposite problem; deciding which direction to go, figuring out how to get my Muse to realize that I DO need sleep, and finding some way to pick one of the many beady roads ahead of me.

( Image from )

I am talking about that Beading For a Cure Challenge and Kit. From the moment it arrived, my poor brain and my Muse have been in collusion to keep me focused on that, and only that. I dream in those colors, I look around as I drive, to see if anything that passes adds to the myriad of ideas in form or color; my DH is going to get sick of hearing me ask 'What do these colors remind YOU of?

Don't get me wrong- this sort of being-on-fire is just what the doctor ordered to chase away any leftover Winter blues...but please, is it OK if I just get a little rest??
Not according to my Muse, it isn't.
I think I'll put her on the task of arranging for me to have some time to see how some of her ideas flesh THAT will be useful!
Happy Creating, Everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What to do...

when a friend wants to join in a beaded doll RR, but just finished surgery and doesn't know about keeping to a set schedule with many beaders?? Have a private round robin, that's what!

Stacie (Squirrely Ducks blog - and I are doing just that, and she sent me a form, so the round robin is a sort of sisters exchange.

Here is her doll, which I wanted to stand up. I tried some smaller beads, but the size of her face and the pattern of the material cried out for something larger. We settled on 12mm smokey quartz rounds, left on their original stringing material (which was tied into a tight, glued knot), and then attached with Stealth Spiderwire 10# braided thread at each thread juncture between the beads. Add some 4mm roseAB bicones to fill the gaps and a line of copper-lined 11s over the tops of the beads and she looks as if she has a fancy ruffled edge.

Plus, she stands proudly!

The fabric is so beautiful that I am going to use much of the pattern for beading inspiration....

Click on any photo to make it full-size. Feel free to right click and save, if you wish.

Happy Creating, everyone!

Off to The Races!

(Doncha just love it when blogger turns your photos sideways! LOL)

Our area held a community chest fund-raiser this past weekend, that centered on the Kentucky Derby. Cameras were not allowed, or I would have gotten some pics of the very interesting hats that almost all the women wore.

I loved that most everyone, men included, wished hats like these would come back in style. I see no reason for them to not!

Just wear them! It is fun to dress up and go out to dinner now and then....and I do love hats!

Here is mine, which began as a simple tulle spectator hat, with a bit of tulle flower and two small feathers.

Add some brown satin ribbon with a flourish and curl, a couple of embroidered butterflies and silk leaves, some trailing silk wisteria and a pin of two horses racing and VOILA`- instant fun!

To be in the hat contest, you had to go upstairs, and my companion for the event had health issues preventing her from joining, so I just accepted the complements that came my way for this gorgeous creation while sitting on the downstairs deck.

How about some hats for yourselves??

Happy Creating!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fun at the Bead Retreat, Robbinsville, NC

Just a couple things finished; Ukraine-style netted necklace, pattern by Maria Rypan of Rypan Designs and a Beez to Butterflies chainmaille, done in parawire, taught by Genny Smith of New Bel-Gen.

Lots of fun, and a GREAT time was had by all!

Face Swap at Beaded_Art_Dolls!

These are the faces I received from the swappers- there are slips by

most of them, so you can see who made which face. Click on the photo

to make it full size! What much inspiration!

These are some extras from the hostess- Sherry G shared

some bits and bobs for dolls with me, and I passed the rest

onto Joetta, so Joetta gifted both Sherry and I!

Fun at the Wholesale Gem show!

Just a few goodies...about $20 worth.

Was good this year :-).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun with Maze Lace

Sabine at has this lovely pattern, which is free on her site.

She offers many versions of how to lay out your colors to get different effects.

I like mine, created with older stain glass windows in mind- the type of windows where the colors have softened over time.

What look could you create with this pattern?

Do check out her other patterns....they are all well-written and easy to follow, with drawings, photos and wordage.

Squirelly Spring

Nothing like Spring-cleaning those big ol' windows to clearly see the young squirrels playing in the tree outside the studio.

Or to see Mama Squirrel keeping up her figure, working on the corn.

We never realized squirrels eat the new leaves, but they have been enjoying the maples, as well as keeping us entertained as they attempt to reach the very smallest at the tips of the tiniest branches.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sabine's 'Verticals'

I wanted a thinner look, so made it only two rows and left off the outside picots, as well as exchanging the outside 3mm pearls for 3.4 mm Miyuki drops or fringe beads. Don't do well with using jumprings and lobster clasp, so used 12mm Swar Volcano buttons- they fit neatly inside the last squares and so far, seem easy to put on and off, without any danger of coming apart.

Russian Super Triangle pattern

Just follow the diagram...and Tetyana has lots of nice eye-candy and tutorials on this site.

I wanted mine to look more 'collected', so gathered the two bottom points together. I also added a faceted drop to the center, beaded a small bail, hung it from a macrame necklace, and added two more drops to the macrame cords it is tied onto.

This is easy IF the size 8s you choose aren't too tubular. I had a hard time with it until I changed to the softer-edged ones you see in the photo.

Happy Beading!