Monday, August 1, 2011

Whew- glad to be back

Taking on 'real work'- caretaker for an elderly couple and helping out at our local antique store- has eaten up all the creative energies I had stored up over the past two years. Nice to have the money, but....
Spirit took care of all that two weeks ago, when the band riser I was helping to construct gave way and I took a tumble to a carpeted concrete floor. Managed to do a good enough break on both my tibia and fibula that the surgeon was impressed "Best break he had seen in 20 years!". Don't know if that is a good claim to fame or not, but am healing nicely, with the help of some titanium additions to the bones, lots of rest and plenty of time to create.
It really had me thinking- "why am I burning myself out just for 'money', when what I really want to do is create?" I am a much happier, nicer person to be around when being creative, according to my DH, who has to put up with me in all my moods, so why not bite the bullet and make it happen?
Others have.
So, NobleElf's Etsy shop is being built; patterns, beadwork, dolls, assorted vintage goods I have collected and decided to let go of before they take over the house...I am excited!
So, how is YOUR Life coming along?


Suztats said...

Get well soon.

aljamie said...

YAY!!! That's great..congratulations!! I've always loved your designs and am looking forward to being able to purchase your patterns. Happy to hear you're healing well.


Barb said...

I sure hope you're healing well and quickly. I'm glad that you have decided to do what you love and let your creative spirit fly free! You made a great choice. :)
Barb G

Chrizette said...

We are on the same path - I am also going to try my hand at selling my jewellery. Good luck to us!!