Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Muse and you...

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There is a great post about what to do when you and your Muse just seem to have lost the desire to create, and what might be behind it. Read all about it at http://beadmavens.blogspot.com/ .

Right now, I am having the opposite problem; deciding which direction to go, figuring out how to get my Muse to realize that I DO need sleep, and finding some way to pick one of the many beady roads ahead of me.

( Image from http://howtowriteshop.loridevoti.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/SparkleHand.jpg )

I am talking about that Beading For a Cure Challenge and Kit. From the moment it arrived, my poor brain and my Muse have been in collusion to keep me focused on that, and only that. I dream in those colors, I look around as I drive, to see if anything that passes adds to the myriad of ideas in form or color; my DH is going to get sick of hearing me ask 'What do these colors remind YOU of?

Don't get me wrong- this sort of being-on-fire is just what the doctor ordered to chase away any leftover Winter blues...but please, is it OK if I just get a little rest??
Not according to my Muse, it isn't.
I think I'll put her on the task of arranging for me to have some time to see how some of her ideas flesh out...now THAT will be useful!
Happy Creating, Everyone!

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Sandy said...

Hi this is aka, Sunni and now...going by Sandy ..hehehe long long story, but I wanted you to know I had started following your blog again, and moved over to your side of the USA yep I am your side of the Mississippi...love your post about muses, mine never shuts up ..now if she could just also help with the house work so I could have more time to create