Monday, May 9, 2011

Off to The Races!

(Doncha just love it when blogger turns your photos sideways! LOL)

Our area held a community chest fund-raiser this past weekend, that centered on the Kentucky Derby. Cameras were not allowed, or I would have gotten some pics of the very interesting hats that almost all the women wore.

I loved that most everyone, men included, wished hats like these would come back in style. I see no reason for them to not!

Just wear them! It is fun to dress up and go out to dinner now and then....and I do love hats!

Here is mine, which began as a simple tulle spectator hat, with a bit of tulle flower and two small feathers.

Add some brown satin ribbon with a flourish and curl, a couple of embroidered butterflies and silk leaves, some trailing silk wisteria and a pin of two horses racing and VOILA`- instant fun!

To be in the hat contest, you had to go upstairs, and my companion for the event had health issues preventing her from joining, so I just accepted the complements that came my way for this gorgeous creation while sitting on the downstairs deck.

How about some hats for yourselves??

Happy Creating!


Carol said...

Great hat that looks wonderful on you. I love hats and actually where them pretty often.

Caryn Joy said...

I love your hat. You look beautiful Aryd'ell.

Caryn Joy said...

You look beautiful in your hat.