Monday, May 9, 2011

What to do...

when a friend wants to join in a beaded doll RR, but just finished surgery and doesn't know about keeping to a set schedule with many beaders?? Have a private round robin, that's what!

Stacie (Squirrely Ducks blog - and I are doing just that, and she sent me a form, so the round robin is a sort of sisters exchange.

Here is her doll, which I wanted to stand up. I tried some smaller beads, but the size of her face and the pattern of the material cried out for something larger. We settled on 12mm smokey quartz rounds, left on their original stringing material (which was tied into a tight, glued knot), and then attached with Stealth Spiderwire 10# braided thread at each thread juncture between the beads. Add some 4mm roseAB bicones to fill the gaps and a line of copper-lined 11s over the tops of the beads and she looks as if she has a fancy ruffled edge.

Plus, she stands proudly!

The fabric is so beautiful that I am going to use much of the pattern for beading inspiration....

Click on any photo to make it full-size. Feel free to right click and save, if you wish.

Happy Creating, everyone!


Whytefeather said...

Wonderful idea and good tutorial!! LOL... I can't believe how close we came to doing the same thing, pretty much just different beads. I have one more step I am wanting to do but it will require some custom work then I'll have to get photos so you can see your girl.

Hey Aryd'ell.... I spent several hours this afternoon beading off and on! First time beading and my hands are so much better, just a little fumbling :) So!Thrilled!

Gypsy said...

Dang Stacie- what great news!!! What a blessing when that surgery does what it is supposed to do..
Can't wait to see my girl.