Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fun with Maze Lace

Sabine at http://trytobead.com/ has this lovely pattern, which is free on her site.

She offers many versions of how to lay out your colors to get different effects.

I like mine, created with older stain glass windows in mind- the type of windows where the colors have softened over time.

What look could you create with this pattern?

Do check out her other patterns....they are all well-written and easy to follow, with drawings, photos and wordage.

Squirelly Spring

Nothing like Spring-cleaning those big ol' windows to clearly see the young squirrels playing in the tree outside the studio.

Or to see Mama Squirrel keeping up her figure, working on the corn.

We never realized squirrels eat the new leaves, but they have been enjoying the maples, as well as keeping us entertained as they attempt to reach the very smallest at the tips of the tiniest branches.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sabine's 'Verticals'

I wanted a thinner look, so made it only two rows and left off the outside picots, as well as exchanging the outside 3mm pearls for 3.4 mm Miyuki drops or fringe beads. Don't do well with using jumprings and lobster clasp, so used 12mm Swar Volcano buttons- they fit neatly inside the last squares and so far, seem easy to put on and off, without any danger of coming apart.

Russian Super Triangle pattern

Just follow the diagram...and Tetyana has lots of nice eye-candy and tutorials on this site.

I wanted mine to look more 'collected', so gathered the two bottom points together. I also added a faceted drop to the center, beaded a small bail, hung it from a macrame necklace, and added two more drops to the macrame cords it is tied onto.

This is easy IF the size 8s you choose aren't too tubular. I had a hard time with it until I changed to the softer-edged ones you see in the photo.

Happy Beading!