Friday, August 29, 2008

Harry Solly's Wonderful Ring Tut Put to Use

Sharon 'Harry' Solly, Queen of all Polymer Clay activities, High Mistress of Cabbing, was kind enough to share her technique for cabbing around her faux dichro and glass cabs, to make rings and other beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Being the High Priestess of Magpieness, myself, having collected bits of shiney rock and other goodies for years, and loath to use any of the exquisite cabs from Harry just yet (they have to be for the PERFECT project!), I pulled out some of my semiprecious gemstones. Sure enough, I had 3 'matching' stones, in 14mm X 18mm pear shape- some lovely black and white quartz in matrix. One, in particular, has what appears to be an eagle flying downward on one side; the other side has a loon swimming under a tiny full moon, with a quarter moon reflected under her. I just love the symbology of both these- the freedom of the eagle and the reflective, inner sense of the loon quietly drifting in contemplation.
So, this ring was born of that- it is totally reversible. I added more 'bling', in the form of SS 13o charlottes, on the eagle side, while the loon is done with soft white 14o Matsunos, to depict the softer light of the Moon.
Now, ain't that just the coolest thing!
Here are also some pics of using the Terrifically Tacky Tape on the sides- Harry's technique- to hold the beads in place while you cab. Click on any pic to make it larger.
If you wish the full tutorial, you will have to join us at
It can be found in our Files section!
Thanks so much, Harry!!! You are the Bestest!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Beaded Art Dolls Global Warming Challenge

This was a challenge suggested by Robin Atkins, to create dolls that would help counteract the effects of Global Warming. The challenge runs until the end of September, and so far we have two completed dolls. Pictures of the completed dolls can be seen at Beaded Art Dolls yahoo group. The link for the group is at bottom right of my blog.

My contribution is Sylph, which is a doll form received in a swap on BAD. It was a very unusual form, in that there were no arms, but that made it perfect for a happy, clear air spirit. I am using spirals done in clear, crisp colors, to indicate the clean air that would result from having better pollution controls on the paper plants, the coal-fired electric plants, and other industries that continue to find ways to thwart the need of cleaning their mess. We in Western NC have very high asthma in children, dying hemlocks and other trees, and a nice yellow smog in the Great Smoky Mountains, due to the industries over the line in TN.

If cremation facilities can clean their air, so can these companies.
If they do, we will have Sylph, flying high and smiling, as she spreads clean air for all of us to breathe and enjoy.

Do click on each picture to bring it to its full size.
And do consider joining us at Beaded Art Dolls...

Rings and Things

'Harry' Solly, my dear friend from Asheville, NC, met with Bebee and I at Earth Fare, where she took us through the steps to create a beaded ring, via her pattern using Terrifically Tacky Tape, 11o and 15o beads, and a cab ( or, in my case, a flat amber bead).
Turns out, neither Bebee nor I read directions very well, and we were both very glad for the personal instruction!
Here are the results- you will see both top and bottom of my ring before the band was added, then top and bottom pics with the band. Remember to click on the photos to make them the proper size for viewing.
These rings are the end part of the Freeform Peyote Bracelet Challenge at Beaddreamz yahoo group ( follow the link at bottom of my page to get there), and were made to complement our freeform bracelets.

Do come join us at Beaddreamz....we have tons of fun!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What keeps me off the streets

and anywhere but underneath my bead tray...the bracelet came as the base shown, done by Caryn of FL Beaders group, and I embellished it, before sending it on to its new owner. I actually made the deadline for this one! LOL!
Then there is the Pink Turtle project...I am still beading the edges of the turtle to the fabric, which will join 3 other 8" X 10" squares, then made into a framed piece of Art, to be auctioned off by raffle tickets, to support the Am Cancer Soc. This project is the brainchild of Jena Tuntas of Fl, and our turtle is being monitored by Ralonda of TX. It is been both a challenge, and a pleasure.
Enjoy the pics- enlarge by clicking on them.