Sunday, August 10, 2008

What keeps me off the streets

and anywhere but underneath my bead tray...the bracelet came as the base shown, done by Caryn of FL Beaders group, and I embellished it, before sending it on to its new owner. I actually made the deadline for this one! LOL!
Then there is the Pink Turtle project...I am still beading the edges of the turtle to the fabric, which will join 3 other 8" X 10" squares, then made into a framed piece of Art, to be auctioned off by raffle tickets, to support the Am Cancer Soc. This project is the brainchild of Jena Tuntas of Fl, and our turtle is being monitored by Ralonda of TX. It is been both a challenge, and a pleasure.
Enjoy the pics- enlarge by clicking on them.


Ralonda said...

OMG how lovely! We are on the same phase of the turtle now. I finshed the tail and have decided to embellish the background before I attach the turtle piece. I have to photograph it and post on my blog too. I just posted some other work on there too. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, Aryd'ell. Please come finish some of my projects or give me a kick in the pants. lol


Maggie R said...

Hi Aryd'ell
This work is out of this world!! You are some wild and crazy bead queen!!Thanks for sharing