Monday, August 25, 2008

Rings and Things

'Harry' Solly, my dear friend from Asheville, NC, met with Bebee and I at Earth Fare, where she took us through the steps to create a beaded ring, via her pattern using Terrifically Tacky Tape, 11o and 15o beads, and a cab ( or, in my case, a flat amber bead).
Turns out, neither Bebee nor I read directions very well, and we were both very glad for the personal instruction!
Here are the results- you will see both top and bottom of my ring before the band was added, then top and bottom pics with the band. Remember to click on the photos to make them the proper size for viewing.
These rings are the end part of the Freeform Peyote Bracelet Challenge at Beaddreamz yahoo group ( follow the link at bottom of my page to get there), and were made to complement our freeform bracelets.

Do come join us at Beaddreamz....we have tons of fun!

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic ring. I love the color.
And we do have fun at Beaddreamz.