Saturday, September 3, 2011

Some Fish Tales

Now that I can sit for more than a few minutes at the computer, I hope to catch up on posting AND reading blogs...I have missed it more than you will ever know.

We have a Challenge/Swap ongoing at Beaddreamz- beaded fish! It has caught on like nothing else and folks are making lots of fish in all different sorts of shapes and sizes.

Here are my two offerings, so far! The BFAC took all my beady and sitting effort, but it is done and now I get to play!

I see many, many more of these fish. They do take longer to make the embellished ones, but those hold their shape so much better than the peyote-only fish bodies.

Maybe I won't even have to get the tree decorations out, and as the tree is pre-lit, can just hang all my fishies and some beaded dolls on it this year.

Being a grown-up is SO much fun!

Happy Creating! Click on the pic to see it full size..

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