Saturday, September 3, 2011

Paso Double tut- short version

RAW center first, with 3mm rounds and 1.5mm cubes. You can use larger of each.

Then seed beads- start with 4 on outside channel made by 1.5 mm cubes, then go through

next 1.5mm cube, pick up 3 seed beads and circle around (RAW) using closest seed bead from last RAW circle. Continue to end. Do other side. Go through outside seed beads with another color 1.5mm cube, one between each seed bead. Add clasp. Add single loop of seed beads to connect if using a magnetic clasp as shown. Peyote back down that single loop. It looks more finished that way.

You may wish to make the bracelet center about a half inch longer than you think you need, as it pulls up nicely, even if you don't bead tightly.

Enjoy your bracelet!

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