Friday, November 4, 2011

The dolls are rolling in and out again

It is so interesting to me how some beaded dolls sit there and refuse to give you a clue as to what they want, and others just jump into your stash of beads and fling what they want at you!

I know this is figuratively, but really-some you can just stare at for weeks, then you pick what YOU want to put on, but don't really know if you are happy with what you have done, or not.

Others seem to whisper into your intuitive ear, and the design flows.

Aline's Persphy, a felt doll, had that wondrous flow. She came with her grape leaves about her face, but they were a bit floppy. Folks at the retreat enjoyed seeing her, but were hesitant to hold her with the loose beads. Sherry noticed her face cabbing was loose, and then the face just popped off.

I reglued it, but the cabbing threads had been part of the same threads for the Czech pressed glass grape beads, so they were loose. Plus, they were not permanent finish, but just gold galvanized, so the gold coloring was coming off to show the clear inside. Used some lapis colored size 8s, then 11s in Toho permanent finish gold, and finished with transparent purple and dk bronze 11s to tie the face to the grapevine design.

That grapevine was the fastest design that ever happened for me. Used a sharpie to do a basic outline, used 6s, 8s and 11s for the base, then went over it with 15s to create the twisted look a grapevine has. Added the grape beads with a separate thread, in case they break it (used 6# Fieline) and went through each 3 times. Sort of kicked myself for not doing to greens swirls under those grapes first, but they actually went very smoothly, not catching on the beadwork except once or twice!

All in all, she is a wonderful Grape Harvest Goddess, and I am happy with how we collaborated on her she goes in the next round of this RR! The pics show before and after. As always, clicking on them makes them full size.


Gale said...

You did a wonderful job on her! She calls out to me, makes me sorry now that I did not sign up for the round robin! Gale

Lisa said...

Just love her.

CharmN Jewelry said...

That is nice that the dolls are keeping you busy and that you are having so much fun dong them.Charm Bracelets