Thursday, August 19, 2010

WOW, Whew, great to be back!

Nothing like opening your computer and having it not wish to turn on.
Then getting home, and finding your area is part of a large DSL outage.
Am I an internet junkie or what?
Yes, I took the spare laptop down to the front of our friends' deli, and got online with their wireless cable hookup, thank goodness.
But uploading pics and such was more than I could bear, in the extreme heat we are experiencing, as well as while trying to fend off the flies that found me more interesting than the old, spilled ice cream from the shop next door!
So, a few updates.
The retreat was so very relaxing and fun.
Made things, haven't done pics of them yet.
The ladies had a great time with their fish, and are still working on them.
I am sending the extras to Mexico, so some lady beaders there can have fun learning bead embroidery.
Do have some pics of things I worked on while having no internet- does wonders for letting you just sit and bead!
Next post....
Hope you all are well, beading happily, and staying either cool or warm, depending on where in the world you are!
I missed you all!

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kaite said...

welcome back...k.