Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ask, and I shall do my very best

DH Kurt wished he had the old knife pouch, a tattered nylon and velcro affair, that he used to carry pens and attached to his waist.
I had already rigged an eyeglass case and a leather ID to attach to his belt, so thought 'what the heck, I can prolly do this, too'.
Here are the results.
Soft leather from sofa samples, cut and stitched with fireline, then brick picot edged, and a wonderful greenstone cab to accent the front.
Boy, am I ever glad he teaches at a school where beadwork is prized, and many of the guys, as well as women, wear beaded objects.
He loves it, it works, and folks are intrigued by the cabwork, something the Cherokee are pretty new to.

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kaite said...

how good is that...DH would be very proud...k.