Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How I bead

Boy, I am really catching up this morning!

This is how I bead; a board created by my DH over 20 years ago, so that he could eat while watching a film, and covered with his fav Scottie cloth, my bead tray, and a cuppa something (this is coffee, Ja-Makin-Me-Crazy, from the West End Coffeehouse in Greenville, SC, and yes, they ship!).

It holds everything I need, and can go from chair to chair, in case Kurt wants to use his projector and screen to watch a film, whereupon me and my Ott are ejected most kindly. Actually, we just leave- he would rather I stay, but the light hitting the glass beads of the screen sort of defeats the purpose of watching that way.

Cats can sit on the side and watch, and all things necessary to at least one project, but usually more, can fit either into the tray or on the sides. It can be lifted all at once, and placed to the side for quick and easy jump-ups!

It holds all my tools and work at a level that prevents neck and back strain. That's a huge plus..
And then there is the wonderful beadtray itself, a gift from my friend Bebee, made by her DH Hank! You can see how much fits into this tray, by the 6" flat iron next to it. It keeps all my beady items safely and comfortably in place anywhere I go with it, including the car. I find riding in the backseat allows me to rest my knees on the front, and the tray stays perfectly level and in place! I have turned into one of those old ladies riding in the back, while their DHs drive?! Wonder if they are all beading, too? LOL!

You might want to get someone special to make one up for you!


Noel said...

Aryd'ell, love both of your bead trays....the fabrac is great!
My favorite is the coffee....oh how I wish I had some of that!!!

The Beading Gem said...

Love your BIG tray! I use stove ring covers lined with felt when I teach beginner beaders.

Gypsy said...

Noel- coffee is coming!! LOL

Beading Gem, I couldn't do without mine! And I tried about 7 different things first- large tupperware, small tupperware, 'silver' serving tray lined with velux, small serving wooden tray from ACMoore lined with velux, cafeteria trays in two sizes ( still like the larger of those- about 3 ft long, to use outside for 'dirty' work- grinding and such)and my large tray. The last is the winner, hands down. I am making a cover for it this month- canvas, with a drawstring to tighten it underneath, and a carrying handle on top, so it can be carried into the car with one hand and nothing will spill out if it tips!