Thursday, April 3, 2008

from the Natural Solutions Foundation

You may want to visit their site, as there are many more issues being addressed there, such as protecting our right to have safe vaccinations, use herbal and vitamin/mineral preparations without prescriptions, and even our right to refuse medication that is harming children.
You may be surprised to find that even the US Army has forced vaccinations in the near future for the entire US population, for the bird flu, with enforced quarantine for those who refuse, as part of their agenda!
You may want to ponder on why all of this, and who is behind it, and what they are trying to do.
You may want to ponder on the failing Social Security System's funds, and what would happen if there was a sudden removal of many of those needing those funds.
You may want to ponder on the US medical folks' records of promoting drugs they know are unsafe, while either pooh-poohing the efficacy of nutritional support or downright denying it.
You may wish to become more aware, and more in charge of your own body and its welfare.
I know I have.
I don't put kerosene in my gas tank, so do not wish to put alien substances with known bad side effects into my body.
Be well.
The below is an excerpt from the April 3, 2008 Natural Solutions Foundation newsletter....

Have you heard of the nightmare condition called Morgellon's Disease (
Victims experience unbearable sensations - all the time, day and night - of insects crawling under their skin, burning and itching so terrible that people have committed suicide to end the torture. To make matters worse, much, much worse, these unfortunate people, who range in age from babies to the elderly, have open lesions on their skin that produces sharp, thin red, black, blue and white fibers and black sand-like grains. The fibers appear to move as if alive and, incredibly, when placed in a Petri dish after removal, continue to move and grow!

The origin of this horror has been unclear since it was first named in 2001 by the mother of a 3 year old baby whose symptoms she described and documented on a website. Since that time, thousands of people have been identified with this condition for which the only successful cure has been that most potent (and safe) of all antibiotics, nano silver. But the nature of the condition, and its cause, have remained a mystery until now.
This Plague Brought To You By BioTech

When fibers from Morgellon's Disease lesions from numerous patients were analyzed by competent scientists, they were found to contain DNA from BOTH a fungus and a bacterium used in the production of commercial Genetically Modified plants and animals!
Merging organisms that have totally separate DNA and characteristics for the sake of profit, regardless of the health or other consequences, the line between animate and inanimate has been crossed.
And we are all paying the price.
Like the fictional Dr. Frankenstein, who transformed the non-living into a living creature which escaped his control, the biotech industry has, we fear, created a real Frankenstein's Monster: Franken Foods which are bringing new plagues on us and on the earth. The future of our planet is literally and truly at stake. That is why the Natural Solutions Foundation has taken on the task of educating decision makers about GM threats.
As our good friends and collaborators from the Ecological Options Network ( have noted on their website, "To survive in the world we have transformed, we must learn to think in a new way. As never before, the future of each depends on the good of all." Statement of 100 Nobel laureates on the 100th anniversary of the Nobel prize
That's Our Table!

Nine out of ten Americans already know that they do not want to eat GM foods but the FDA and other decision makers in the US and abroad do not necessarily get the message yet. After all, Big Biotech, like Big Pharma, has bought a seat at the Power Table - in fact, some say they have bought the whole table. Well, we, the "netroots" -- the consumers, have a seat at the table, too - in fact, it's our table! We want the food on it to be clean, wholesome and healthful. That's why we need your help to make sure this message is heard at every Codex meeting and in the halls of power around the world.
As it happens there is a Codex meeting coming up this month in Ottawa Canada where labeling of GM foods will be on the agenda, once again. For almost 20 years the US has been trying to force Big Biotech's Agenda down the throats (literally!) of the rest of the world. It has not been going well for the US.
The wonderful innovation in Codex proceedings that began at the last Codex Working Group on labeling of GM foods (Feb, Accra), when developing nations told the US that it can no longer dictate what happens to them and their health for the sake of the corporations who determine US policy (and who send advisors to sit on the US delegations of every Codex meeting), will be put to the test at the Codex Committee on Food Labeling (CCFL), April 28-May 2, 2008.
Natural Solutions Foundation will be there, reporting e very day to tell you what's going on, straight from the shoulder. No other organization has the respect and cooperation of so many countries in the Codex community.
AFTER the CCFL meeting we will tell you all about the strategy meeting that we have helped initiate and its impact on the proceedings at CCFL. You can understand why we are not saying much about the who, what, when or where. The why is pretty clear: an emerging coalition of nations is taking their own power back to make it clear that their food and health- and yours, since so much US food is imported from the developing world -- is not for sale. The US FDA, EPA and USDA may be for sale, but these countries actually value the health of their people so much that they will not permit GM foods in their countries or will only permit GM foods if clearly labeled as such. It remains to be seen how effective the developing nations are in their coalition strategy. We'll let you know!
The Natural Solutions Foundation will be there, supporting and assisting them and you'll have a ring-side seat.

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UkScienceGuy said...

Hi Gypsy,

Whilst I sympathise with sufferers of Morgellons, and I, like you always try and shop organic, the idea that Morgellons is caused by a GMO hasn't been proven.

Morgellons sufferers are probably suffering a variety of diseases, and they are lumped together as Morgellons as all present similar conditions. Some of them probably have delusional parasitosis, and some may be infected by the Lymes disease bacteria, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology in 2006. The Wikipedia page on Morgellons is really good.

I really enjoyed reading your blog, hope