Thursday, April 17, 2008

Finished necklace, maybe

I am not happy with the seed beads. I tried to let them say what they wanted to do, but I have no skill at spirals at I may take it out and try something else. I do like how the polyclay beads came out looking like raku, even if it did mean my wonky oven tried to burn them!


Rosie said...

Oooh it's sumptious, fit for the Goddess Oceana herself to wear.
I just love the colours and combinations you used Ard'ell.

Anonymous said...

Please don't tear it out. It is a lovely piece.


Ralonda said...

Trick to better spiral rope is -- more beads, LOL. If you don't use a smaller base bead then you have to add more beads to each loop to give it a fuller spiral. Not a bigger number just more than one pass thru the same path.

Summer said...

This is so beautiful, you are very talented.