Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another PIF!!!

These are getting to be really fun...and here is my PIF from Ralonda.

Isn't she a beautiful form?! I see a Summer Faery happening, and Ralonda included tubes of beads, as well as little dragonflies, an enameled leaf AND an enameled butterfly to go with her. I want to make this one a stand, to show off her wings!

And lest you think you were forgotten, oh my recipients of PIF Past and Present, you have not. We are having a bead retreat this weekend, that has been in the planning for many moons now, and I have been waiting to learn a new technique before sending on your goodies. I will give you a clue.. 'Harry', Sharon Solly, is involved. Now, for those of you who know of Harry, and her magic with polymer clay, that should be enough to whet your appetites! And for those of you who don't, google her name, and see what you come up with, AND remember to check out the Polymer Clay Cafe magazine coming out in May, with her article on using fibers to make faux dichroic cabs and beads. And yes, they can fool even glassmakers, until they pick them up and realize how light they are!

So, on with the third PIF of this year: the rules, for those of you who don't know them. Sign up here on my blog. I will take the first three comers. You can use the 'profile' button on my blog to access my email, to send me yours if I don't have it. Then, after receiving your PIF gifty, post the same on your blog and continue to PIF!!!! That's Pay It Forward, for those new to this!

Oh, I can just imagine the looks when they see their goodies!



Ralonda said...

I am so glad you like her! I know you will make her beautiful!

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hi gypsy
oh that is a wonderful PIF!!!
rolanda did a beeautiful job-i can see it beaded and hanging from the ceiling :)
enjoy your day

Noel said...

Oh Aryd'ell count me on this one too! I just love the PIF!
Ralonda's doll is beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with her!

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hey, Aryd'ell,
Love your dragon fly form. It is gorgeous. I am sure you will even make it look more wonderful. I will look forward to seeing it. Hugs Judy

Barbara said...

That is a wonderful PIF! You will do something fabulous with her I am sure. In case I wasn't clear when I posted before, I would love to be included in your next PIF. Your creativity does inspire me so! I love these PIF exchanges and adding another one to my blog is coming too!