Friday, April 4, 2008

She's a Puzzle to Me!

And she has been, from day one. This mask is for The Beadin' Path's Mask Challenge, and while I sort of knew where I wanted to go with it, the materials were not cooperating at all!

The mask is hard plastic, but will bend, and has white stuff that falls off the inside onto everything. I fixed that with some Ace Hardware brand spray paint in copper.

Hunting for felt that would mold to the face was my next hurdle. The polyester felt you can find everywhere does NOT mold to the face when put on with hot water.

Finding real 100% wool felt was harder than I thought. I did find lovely colors of small pieces, 18" square, from Wool Felt Central, online. They were only 40-60% wool, but the thinner color of light green seemed to mold just fine. Who knew that the different colors of felt would be different thicknesses?

I molded the layer, after putting the felt into HOT water, onto the mask and let dry on top of the fridge. Of course, Callie Cat had to investigate, but she didn't bother it.

Now for the glue. I used Gluesmith Glue for almost all my glueing needs. It dries fast, holds almost everything, and is clear and permanent! However, the felt piece I chose for the mask was thin, which made it mold nicely, but also let the glue come through completely. When Gluesmith dries, it dries to a rock hardness. Forget beading through it!

I got many great suggestions from the folks on both Beaded_Art_Dolls and Beaddreamz Yahoogroups, and finally decided on a clear, Scotch brand scrapbooking glue, as it was both within my budget AND had both a tiny tip for precise application plus a sponge tip. That sponge end worked perfectly for applying just the right amount of glue to the pieces I laid over the bottom layer.

I have to admit that this final layout of the felt was inspired by a challenge at Beaded_Art_Dolls.
They are currently running a Puzzle Doll, which is a flat doll shaped like a puzzle piece, then totally beaded on one side! My original idea, which will still be used, will make more sense with the background the mask now sports!

So, now you got to take a look, and do remember to click on the pic if you wish to see it larger. On to the next element, and then it is Time to Bead!!!
I'm saving the best for last- the story behind the Mask...


david santos said...

Hello, Gypsy!
Excellent post. Thank you.
Have a good weekend.
I loved this blog.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so the feed doesn't update right away. I love the mask. It will be gorgeous. How come it doesn't have any beads on it? Are you going to try to be speediebeadie on this one?

Looks like you are having fun.


Jewelry Elegance by jill said...

Hi, Gypsy!
Love your mask. Great the puzzle idea, and looking forward to seeing your progress.


Noel said...

Aryd'ell it's so unique looking.
Great idea but as you say the best is for last....all the beading!
Your beading is awesome, so I know this is going to be stunning when it's finished.
Thanks for sharing!

kristen said...

I'm afraid you are going to smack me for coming in late with this one LOL I used spray mount for the cat mask, and so far so good...Yours is gorgeous and will be stunning beaded! Such a cool idea :)


MiniBear said...

I love the colours.
Can't wait to see it finished - although I'd happily give it a home as it is!
Anji in the UK

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Aryd'ell, Your mask is great looking. You are sooo creative. Sooo what is next??? Hugs Judy

crooked heart art~tammy said...

hey aryd'ell
the mask is quite cool the way it is-BUT with the fantastic beading you do it is going to be amazing when beaded can't wait
tammy ;)