Friday, April 4, 2008

Home again, Home again, jiggety-jig

After a VERY LONG JOURNEY, as Perky the Pig puts it (since 2005!), She and Gulliver, her travelling companion, are ready to go home to their Mom in Mississippi, Sue O! The two dolls have travelled from MS to NC, from WA to Canada, then back the NC mountains, where they got their final touches...

Gulliver has lived up to his name, aquiring 7 league boots and a shield of vintage lucite to protect him from the 'little people' who would have taken him prisoner along the way. After all, he had to protect Miss Perky on this Journey, and could not afford to be out of action. He is over a foot tall, and towers over his companion.

Miss Perky loved the tiara she was given, but felt that some hair would make it better, so we added some stiff, pig-like bangs in front and then longer hair with 6mm Swar AB pink rounds at the ends, for BLING!

We are waiting to hear that her mom got moved safely, and then they will be making their final journey home to her.

They are very, VERY happy to be going home!
Remember, you can click on each pic to make it larger.

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