Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Festival Parade in Cherokee, NC

The pics say it all- YES! I love band, especially the Cherokee Marching Braves....and it does NOT have anything to do with my DH running things....well, maybe a little.
Enjoy the pics. We were in the front, right behind Chief Hicks and his bodyguard, and were lucky to have three alumni come play with us; Chris on mellphone, Wade on trombone, and Homer on trumpet. I find it most refreshing that Kurt leaves his kids with such a love of music that they willingly volunteer to march 4 miles in the heat, just to play with the Band!!! That's what makes him a Bandmaster, not just a 'director'!

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abeadlady said...

Being an old marching band member myself, I can really appreciate those pics. I played clarinet in the band from 5th grade through HS. Only played in parades for 4 years, then switched to being a majorette until I graduated. Continued clarinet in concert band though. Loved every minute of it.