Monday, October 13, 2008

Locks of Love day equals Lots of Love Day!

My oldest gave me the treat of a haircut, when I mentioned that I would like one just like hers! I had had it in mind to donate my shorn locks, all 12+ inches of them, to Locks of Love.

Check them out here
My ponytail will not directly be used for childrens' hair pieces, as it is silver and brunette, but can be sold to offset the cost of the hairpieces made for the children, which run about $6,000 each, and must be redone after the child's skull outgrows the current one. The hairpieces are not reused, so it is a constant need for new hair.
There are two guys in our town that have grown and donated hair, and they inspired me to 'get with the program'!
Thanks to Celeste, my oldest, and to Circe, my new hairdresser supreme, who made this an exciting adventure with a happy ending ( especially for not making me look like Katie Couric!!!)
Enjoy the pics.


Life @ a whisper said...

beautiful! You, the story, and your new haircut!

abeadlady said...

Looks absolutely terrific! Knocked at least ten years off you. Nice plan for the hair too.


Maggie R said...

OMG Gypsy.... I never expected to see this!!!! You are gorgeous with the new look. I bet if feels good in every way....
When I get all better I am going to do the same thing...