Friday, October 10, 2008

October's Doll

I wanted to do something radically different with my doll for the October part of the Year Long Challenge at Beaded Art Dolls, and two leaves in my yard stood out, saying 'Pick me! Pick me!' to help out.
I scanned them, then used EasyBeadPatterns' free program to recreate the leaves in brickstitch, shrinking them to 3" and 1" tall, and holding them to only 12 colors each.

Both beaded up quickly, and I always love how brickstitch allows a piece such sturdiness! I did 'forget' how to do the decreases at first, and went to Silverhill's free site for a video refresher.
Look under the 'goodies' link for other tutorials that are really, really helpful.
But, that is why you might see a stray thread here and there....
Still, I am most happy with Autumn Flame, and she will make a nice pin or pendant!

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Joan Cromley said...

Your leaf looks great! Thank you for also mentioning the pattern sites - both are wonderful!