Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Harvest Effigy Wrapped Doll

is finally finished. I tried different faces, even a leaf masque, but it just wanted to be the yarn-wrapped face. DH says you can see all sorts of faces in the yarn patterns, so it actually works better that way.

It is totally done with wrapping, and the base is a small wooden spoon, with arms of mountain laurel that had died with the drought, wrapped with multi-colored yarn, and leaves made from grunge for the body bottom.

It is holding beaded raspberrys and beaded Fall leaves at the ends of its arms, and has pheasant feathers, oak leaves, grass flowers, and golden wheat for the headdress.

It was fun, it was faster than beading, but I think I still prefer the slower beaded method of creating...I will have to try another one and see.
The leaves were created as a challenge from imaginationartprompts group ( see link in links section) and the tribal doll challenge from crazyartdollz group (ditto).
Effigies are important to tribal life, as they represent that which is important, and cherished, within that lifestyle.
This effigy shows a bountiful harvest, combined with the beauty that is Fall, and the coming of the Restful Season. It clearly shows great Joy in celebrating these ideas.

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Christina said...

She's beautiful and a perfect celebration of Autumn. A perfect foil for your wonderful beaded leaves and berries - perfect.