Sunday, October 7, 2007

Now that I am older

And somewhat wiser, I do things I never would have dreamed when younger...

Shy? Long ago, yes.

Six foot, plus, and shy? That seems silly. But, that is how it was.

Now I don't color my hair, and I let it grow long and wild.

I wear skirts all the time.

Spend my time dreaming, and creating the dreams.

Enjoying my DH's company.

Loving my family- DH,Kids,Cats,Dogs,Bird and Fish.

Wishing I didn't need to sleep, but enjoying it once I get there!

Grateful for all of it- the great, bad, ugly, and sometimes boring.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog and your button doll is beautiful, the photo is nicer here than in the yahoo group

Gypsy said...

Thanks! You are not the first to say that...and I don't know why that is?
Now, to figure out how to change the time, so I am not fooled into thinking that 7:49 on my blog is anything besides 10:49! LOL!
I don't know if I should use your real name here, so I won't :0D.