Monday, October 29, 2007

Elements for a challenge, which grew and grew

Pics of the Russian Leaves, first for an imaginationartsprompts challenge, and now for the Tribal Wrap doll, which has become my Harvest Tribal Effigy....doll pics to come- still have the masque to make


Grace said...

Beautiful leaves! Those are on my to do one day list. Thanks for sharing!

Maggie R said...

Love these leaves.... I gotta try them sometime..... # 832 on the list!! VBG
Nice work Aryd'ell... Love the color combos.

Gypsy said...

Ahh, Grace and Maggie- just jump in and do them! Though I will admit, they took a bit of standing on my head type thinking to 'get' the stem part, but then they became addictive, and much easier!
Thanks for taking a peek.
ps I have added them to that Harvest critter, but then my trip to Asheville gave me some Fall grass flowers, so am trying to incorporate them, as well....