Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall musings

Our new kitten, part Himilayan, part bobcat (his daddy's mom got caught in the yard and was seen by their family, enjoying her rendevous with such, and daddy is 2 foot long, weighing about 22 pounds, with a shortened tail) all Boy and Purr, is loving the plants that came in during this week's cold spell. I had wondered if he would jump in to them, shred them, or what, but he seems content to play with the dead leaves, and hide in the larger buckets, to jump out at
Callie, our soon-to-be 2 yr old calico tortoiseshell whirlwind! Callie had been feeling a bit left out, being adopted at 6 months, but never having been allowed to play as a kitten. She had been adopted by the shelter at 6 weeks, and lived in a cage til we brought her home. Puffin, our 14 yr old matriarch, let her know that kittenish behavior, like being jumped upon, was not acceptable to her Highness!
Now the two 'kittens' are often seen as one ball of cream and black fur, or playing hide and seek in the foliage.
For once, bringing the plants in has not been a chore to be done, but a joy to all!
Puffin is seen on her Throne, as befits her Highness- a long-haired sheep pillow from NZ. Callie and Yoda (cream-colored male is he) are the same size this week- with Yoda at 10 and a half weeks old! When we got him at 6 weeks, we could hold him in our hand!!


tammy lang said...

ahhh great cats aryd'ell
my little calico-cookie- is seven today-she was a madwoman when she was a kitten-she loved climbing the curtains and shower curtain:)

Maggie R said...

OMG The cats are beautiful, Lucky you! I have none, but enjoy the stories and pictures from my daughter. She has 2 rescue cats and they can sure rip up a good time playing chase. Autumn is a big feral one, very hard to tame at first but now she is very social and loving after Deborah was so patient with her. She still has one naughty habit which is chewing on the fringe of Deb's antique rug. She eventually had to tape the fringe under to discourage the little rascal.I guess about all it did was encourage her in another direction..... like chewing the handknit socks I sent .!! Never a dull moment!

Gypsy said...

AWWWW I just love cat stories....there was a 'fortune teller' of sorts, some years back, that said I was formerly a priestess at the Temple of Bast, the cat temple, in Egypt...must be true, because I always love cats! Even the sassy ones!