Friday, October 19, 2007


It has been softly falling since about 5am...the first decent rainfall in months.
I will not complain if it goes on throughout the day, forcing us to get creative at The Shed, finding places outside to hang things so they don't get wet.
I will not complain if it goes on, and we have a huge order arrive, and have to take the boxes inside to open them, strewing styrofoam everywhere in the store.
I will not complain if it goes on through the CHS first halftime this year.
I will dance outside in this rain.
I will celebrate with the frogs, this, their probably last warm rain of the year.
I will kick up my heels through the leaves that carpet the ground.
It is raining, and that is enough!!


Jo Anne Owens said...

I am right there with you Gypsy...loving the rainfall! Maybe finally the leaves will turn instead of just falling off brown and withered!

Gypsy said...

They are turning at last, Jo Anne!!! Yea!!

tammy lang said...

we are at peak right now here in ct. not as pretty as it usually is because of the slight drought we have been in also-but i will take the beauty mom nature gives me anytime:)

CorStory76 said...

Oh, I am envious of your recent rain...we need it so very badly here to clear the horrible air from the fires. My poor cats are coughing up dust balls instead of fur balls and the air quality is still marked with a big bad red box for my area today...

Surprisingly enough, southern CA does have some trees that turn color, and what little turning we get is amazing to watch. I grew up in the midwest where I am used to seeing an explosion of color every fall...shame on those who say they are "over it"!