Saturday, October 27, 2007

the Beadin' Path's Masque 'Contest'

which I find more of a challenge, was full when I tried to enter it a few weeks back, as they had limited it to 70 participants.
Then it was re-opened, and was to be 100 participants! Even though the deadline was oct 31, you betcha I emailed Heather, and now I have a lovely full-size masque, dead-white, to express my inner self by next April.
Funny, but the idea for this one must have been rattling around in my head already, because I envisioned how I wanted it to go right away. Not all the details, but the main idea and focus!
That's a first!
I got hooked on making masques about 30 years back, when some friends and I bought plaster of paris and bandage material, covered our faces in vaseline, then laid the material over our faces til it dried enough to remove. We then cut the masques out while they were still slightly damp and easy to cut with large scissors.
I glued sequins on mine, added some ties, and it was a piece of art that I carried everywhere until it got squashed in the move to the mountains.
I also made 'arms', by covering the tops of mine, but never embellished them. I just laid them below the masque as part of the 'exhibit'.
You better believe I have alot more aspirations for the upcoming challenge!


tammy lang said...

hey gypsy
this sounds really interesting-can't wait to see what you do:)

Gypsy said...

I've got a great idea rattling around in my head- hope I can pull it off!

Beadin' Gram said...

This sounds so 'cool' -- is the mask life size? 3-D? Do you stitch the beads directly to the 'mask'? Can't wait to see your interpretation.