Monday, October 8, 2007

Ahhh, at last

I don't know why, but utube was not being correctly found last night...I had to delete some of the vids I wanted, to keep the HU vid. Sometimes it still comes up as something else, but hopefully, that will quit. I did what it asked, gave all the right tags, and correct name, and ended up with condo rice! I guess she gets into everything, like it or not!
Must pay bills, must pay I the only one who waits til the last day? I just don't like giving anyone money before I must. Funny, but before I had kids, I always paid the day I got the bill....must be something in the water!
Happy Day to all of us.

1 comment:

tammy lang said...

hey your blog looks good!!
and that pic of you and DH is just great-i think its the snow!! LOL
i am going to add you to my blog so i can ck in and see what you are up to:)