Sunday, October 21, 2007

colors of Fall

Yeah, this topic has probably been written to death, so I will try to take another tack.

I have been listening to folks talk about this color change, ever since it began in earnest four days back.

The main themes?
"Oh well, we might as well enjoy it, because it is going to be over in a day or so".

"It peaked yesterday, so let's all go back to our little lives"

"Guess that's it for this year"

Sad, I find it.

I have been enjoying the color change, from when it began with one little puff on the end of a branch, overhanging a blind curve on Shephard's Creek (which can be Shepherd's Creek, Shepard's Creek, or Sheperd's creek, depending on what the state called it on the four road signs assigned to it- confuses the tourists, I bet-LOL). The rest of the tree was a stolid dark green, and to this day, refuses to change anything but that one branch. It is almost as if it were saying "I changed, so now leaf me be!"

There is a section of road, where two peaks meet in a saddle, and the bright gold that begins there, then flows down the hollow from that saddle, appears to be as if liquid gold is running down the side of the mountain.

The far flung peaks of Norther Tennessee are a patchwork of reds, rusts, golds and yellows.

Individual trees have caught fire, and are all colors at once.

A maple in our yard has the most soft versions of this, being orange, yellow, red and rust, with tinges of green, in the lightest of shades- most pleasing to the eye and very soothing to look at with a cuppa in hand, while sitting on the deck.

Think I'll go do that, and charge the camera, so I can share with my friends who don't have this show every Fall.

Over it, indeed!


Maggie R said...

Nice ramblings Aryd'ell..Love your descriptions....
A picture would be nice.
I must do same before they are all down and gone.

Gypsy said...

I was looking at the temps in Ontario, on your blog, and it said 14 degrees F- are you getting that cold already! Or do I need new glasses!
Thanks for looking.
ps I have been perusing all the blogs listed on yours....lots of fun, but I sure ain't a gettin' no work done! LOL!

Jo Anne Owens said... the visual you just gave me! Here the leaves started to turn..almost within a 24 hour period and they are all brilliant now...I didn't have much hope for a colorful fall with such a dry, hot summer, but there they are all bright and cheery!