Friday, April 2, 2010

Simple net instructions

4 yds of thread should finish a bracelet 6-8" long- use a thread that will go through your beads at least 3 times. If you prefer to add thread, weaving in the old tail and weaving in a new is preferable to having a knot, as there are little opportunities to hide a knot in this bracelet. Weaving also means using a thread thin enough to support this, and the addition of embellishment later, as you will reweave many of the original thread paths to do this embellishment.
Place stop bead, leaving tail long enough for clasp end of your choice-8 inches is usuall enough.
Add 20 beads to thread, slide to clasp bead. If you wish the picot to be a different color or size of bead, add 17 beads, then 3 beads of the different color/style.
Take thread BACK through 4th bead nearest end, creating a 3 bead picot.
*Pick up 7 beads, and go through the 8th bead. Repeat.
Either pick up 7 beads and go BACK through 4th bead of last beads added to create picot
pick up 4 beads, add 3 beads of different color/style, then go BACK through 4th bead just added to create picot.*
Repeat from * to * til bracelet is as long as you wish, minus clasp length. Netting stretches, so be sure to pull it a bit when testing for length.
This can be widened or made narrower by adding or subtracting multiples of 7 to the original line of 20 beads.
Add buttons or other clasp end before adding top embellishment. If you wish, this is a good place to make peyote circles for the loop ends of a self-clasp, as shown in the above photos.
Add pearls or other beads to crossover points in the netting by working your way back and forth to the beginning, going through the crossover bead, adding pearl and 15o bead, then back through pearl and through crossover bead in same direction you went the first time, pulling tight. continue to next crossover point. When you reach the last crossover and add your pearl, you will have to go around the outside beads and picot to get to the next crossover point. This is why you want your thread size to be able to go through beads multiple times.
Add your other clasp end, or your buttons, etc if you used a self-toggle of beads on the other end.
Wear your bracelet with pride!
You may click on any pic to make it full size, and right click to save it to your computer for future reference. Please feel free to share these insructions in any manner.