Wednesday, April 14, 2010

OK, couldn't resist- one more time!

The blog police might come after me....two awards in one day?? But the last group was beaders, and as I am divided exactly in half, with my love of both beadweaving and bead embroidery, I am giving the award again, but this time to Bead Embroiderers!
This group of folks has the patience of Job, to stitch tiny beads to fabric and leather, creating pictures that delight the eye! Some of them also create beaded art dolls with this technique. Whatever they choose to embroider, it is definitely worth the time to follow the links to each of their blogs, and enjoy the fruits of their labor in photos..And no, it is not any easier picking just 6 of these!
Without further ado, my 6, and in no particular order (as well as the link leading to a post at their blog about Bead Embroidery that I particularly loved;


Kaite said...

thank you so much Aryd'ell, i am flattered - but - i don't do awards. could you please pass it on to Anne Marie instead, on my behalf.

Beadwright said...

AAAhhh the sweetness is getting pretty thick around here. LOL just kidding. You deserve two awards.

Lynn said...

Thanks doll! Right back at ya ;)