Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Faget da pics, whaddabout da beadstuff??

There are a few blogs now that feature the 6th photo ever posted.. I would like to challenge everyone to post the first beadwork they ever did, if they still have it, and do a critique. What would you keep? What would you change? Mine is below, and I had a lot of fun doing this...now, where ARE my scissors???

Ah, beads, shiney beads, tiny beads, color, shape, FUN! Yes, learning to do offloom beadweaving was a milestone in my life, but the actual first beadwork was, and for a short while still, leaves much to be desired. Yes, if you have magnifiers on, the colors in these are wonderfully interesting. But, from 5 feet back? Not so much. Not at all, really.The technique, while not awful, especially as I remember doing the frogstitch on each of these at least 3 times, left alot of room for improvement, IF you don't count that I had such tight tension as to make the beads pop out of place and that I didn't really know what I was doing, just beading by the seat of my pants.
No matter. These two were the 'first' real beadwork, and I was proud as a new mama of her firstborn child!

Hey, look! It's a beaded bead, no, two beaded beads...well, isn't that just special (snide tone here)?
Both are done over wooden beads, both are so monochromatic as to make me cringe. Nuff said.
I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread when I made them.
Maybe I can use them elsewhere?? Nah. I can do better than that. And that overly tight beading thing- where the beads stick out all over? That has GOT to go!

How about this clasp? Not too shabby, and it shows that I already had a penchant for beaded clasps, rather than all metal. I loved the dragonfly enameled button, which matched the two I added to an emerald cloak stitched up earlier that year, but couldn't figure how else to get it to work. These 15o hex and seedbeads deserve better than this, so it will meet the scissors later.

This feather I still like, and was my first 'creation' using graph paper from an online free source and colored pencils, not to mention lots of erasures. I need to make another and have earrings, after I cut this all apart.

What was I thinking when I did this 'crow' feather, using Czech beads for the spine and delica hex for the feathers? Well, I was thinking it was pretty darn cool...til the thing began curling (check the previous pic), and never really laid straight. Probably that overly tight beading I mentioned earlier, and that I still work to correct.
All in all, it was a learning experience, lots of practice with stitches, and after today, I still have the beads and clasp bits, as well as the blue jay feather to show for it.
How about you? Do you still have some of your first beadwork?
Are you brave enough to share it with us?
Go on...it's a good thing!
As always, click on any pic to make it full size, and have a good laugh on me!


steufel said...

Unfortunately I have no photo, but believe me your first work look like the work of a experienced pro against it:-)

moonlitfantaseas said...

I would never laugh at any ones first attempts at bead work, most of mine still look like first attempts....I have been beading for over 30 years off and on, I started teaching myself off loom weaving back in the late 80's with brick stitch earrings.......being left handed has always made beading a bit of a learning challenge, but I find if I just keep at it eventually I do figure it out!
Thank you for your comments on my blog, I have a few days to go before the first dragon is finished, still need to go to the lbs to get some matte black delicas as I used some of the ones meant for the dragon to finish my use the muse a while back...
for first appempts your things look pretty good, don't be hard on yourself

marsspyder said...


You saw mine, and yours is far more professional looking than mine :) You also used much better quality materials than I did. But, no matter how many pieces I create, my first will always be my first, and it holds a special place in my heart.

Lidia said...

What a fun post and it's so nice to see where we've been and how it all has changed. I guess I may have to start a blog.... That would be too funny all by itself.

Lynn said...

Step away from the scissors.......seriously, don't you dare cut those up! You are way too hard on yourself. How can you possibly see how you've 'grown' if you get rid of all your bead history? Keep it Keep it Keep it.

Gypsy said...

Too late LOL! I wanted the beads from both- can't find those dark green 15o charlottes anywhere, anymore. Got them at a pow-wow years and years back- 91 or 92. And the matte antique gold on the one with the feather. But the feather is safe, as are the beaded balls- the kitties wanted them!!