Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's Good to Be BACK!

It's been a busy week, helping to get the Friends of the Library bookstore ready for the grand opening, driving to the Emerald City to see my pregnant oldest ( and again, just to visit a friend, and wouldntyaknowit- President Obama was coming in, so I just about didn't find a way out!), everything but beading.
It has finally warmed up enough that the plants who live in the front part of our home all Winter, and who have been inside 7 months now, with the early cold weather we had last October, got to go outside. No small chore, as many of them are 8 foot tall, and just small enough around that I can squeeze them through the doorway. Either some of them are going to have to get haircuts ( I hate doing that) or they will have to find somewhere else to live this Winter!
But they are outside, and it is raining, so they are as happy as can be.
I have moved back into the front part, with all the windows, as have the kitty-poops( you can see Puffin on her new throne) and Al Byrd, the cockatiel, who likes to watch me bead.
Life is good!
Enjoy the pics- click on any to make full, back to beading! And reading some blogs- I have missed you all, as well!


Kaite said...

and it's good to see you back again too Gypsy girl. did you know you have a little Aussie there in the cage? k.

lovingbead said...

Nice photos!!!

steufel said...

Al Byrd is soooooooo cute. regards Stefanie

Lidia said...

How nice for you and the plants! I can imagine beading in front of that window! Fabulous space.