Monday, April 5, 2010

Playing Around With Miyuki Drops

Here is the result. It is fast, fun to do ( once the pattern sticks in your head ), and could have lots of color changes, including making the center V or Z a different color. Don't pull too tight, especially if you are using Fireline, because it will round itself, instead of laying flat. It is also a nice look and feel, but not if you have flat portions in the beginning LOL!
Have fun! Left click to open pics to full size, right click to 'save as'.
Happy Spring and Happy Beading!


Beadwright said...

Hello Playing with drops can be addictive. LOL this looks lovely.
Thanks for following my bog. I have spent some time on yours and am now a follower. There is something very special about your blog. I find it bright and inviting. It is nice to meet you.
Be sure to join in on my birthday giveaway.
Have a nice week

Bobbi said...

Hi, Oh...That's very pretty! Hope you have a wonderful day.
Hugs and happy beading...

lovingbead said...

This looks wonderful!!!

Kaite said...

your bracelet looks very elegant. now you can do one in Spring colours. |<.