Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scottish Wood

I love these 15o gold matte beads from beadlady.biz - they change looks with everything I use them in. When I first bought them, I wondered where I was going to use them, but they really add that bit of 'unusual'. In this netted piece, they bring a look of tiny wooden beads, especially as I used a single hole wooden button as part of the clasp. The pattern reminded me of a Tartan, therefore the name.

The bugles are Toho # 3, and the seed beads are lovely Tohos, that were a gift from my creative beader/metalsmith/chef/polyclay expert, Harry Solly!

click on any photo to make it full-size.


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Beadwright said...

Great piece and I love the button clasp. I keep forgetting to tell you I am working on a button that is very similar to your banner.
have a great day