Friday, December 25, 2009

Lantern Pagoda ornament

This was supposed to be the Paula Adam's pattern
featured in the Dec 06 Bead and Button magazine,
but I got to wondering what would happen if I
changed out the side and added some crystal
roundelles in two sizes....well, what happens is;
it gets longer, and I am running out of the main
bead color. Plus, what was I thinking with all that
purple and no other colors to warm it up. Dk Green
Iris doesn't do it and neither does the crystal AB
for the 'windows'.

Hate the bottom- and there are too many passes
for me to be able to get it to do what I want...I see
the trusty scissors coming and redoing. Yep, I am
a perfectionist...but this is the perfect medium for it,
only losing a bit of Time and thread, and I am going
to use 4# Fireline, so that I have more room to get
thread inside the delicas!
You can also purchase Paula's pattern at;
all her other wonderful patterns as she would
wish them done.

1 comment:

Lidia said...

Even though you're not too happy with it , it still a wonderful experiment. Lot's of possibilities here and that's the really fun part.