Friday, December 18, 2009

While I have your attention...LOL!

After being away from Facebook for awhile, and back to blogging, I have to say I like blogging best. While I may not have as big an audience, neither do I have to clear out tons of apps that folks try to set me up in, nor do I waste hours and hours creating virtual worlds.

It was a good time in Farm Town, and it probably helped clear out cobwebs that formed after 3 years of working and worrying way too much over someone else's business, but the creative spiral I am experiencing now is worth way too much to waste time in a virtual world!

Thank you, my Friends who read these little notes, and take the time to look at and comment on my photos- you are the BEST! Just thinking about you makes me happy...and it is for you that I create!

Happy Season, whichever it is for you, and Happy Life, too...


Carol said...

You are so right. FB is a cool place to see what family is up to, and I love the pages for people with businesses. How in the world does anyone get anything done. I stop in there for a minute to be nosy and play bejeweled for a bit to relax but I love the contact in the blogs the best.

Merry Christmas to you!

Jackie said...

I missed your blogging -- Like Carol, I enjoy FB for family -- those in far off places -- great way to "keep up" -- but blogging remains my favorite. I even started a blog for high school class after our reunion in October -- lot of "old folks" enjoy seeing the pics on there and though they don't know how to leave a comment, they do know how to email me -- such fun -- after all these many, many, etc. etc. years. So, do keep up with the blogging -- and BTW are you ever going to teach a class on the star? The ones you made your beading group are so very gorgeous. I might find a way to get to NC for a class of yours :-) Still have friends in Durham. Keep up the good work -- love your blog.

Lidia said...

I've been having similar thoughts about FB and the amount of time I spend on the web. FB is great for keeping up with the family particularly with Dad in the hospital - one post and everyone knows. But it's a big time eater. As part of my "clean out the old" in preparation for a new year, I've gone through the list of blogs I follow and removed all that are just a for commercial purposes. I'm down to a short list of quality blogs and plan to keep it that way. Glad you're back to blogging!