Friday, December 18, 2009

It's Snowing! It's SNOWING!

Well, sort of anyhow...looks like South Carolina and Georgia
are getting most of it AGAIN!
What's with that? I move to the NC mountains, expecting it
snows here, but nooooo, can't let her have snow!
I grew up with snow. lots of it my entire young life, until
I moved to Florida in 1972. I am used to snow, I LIKE snow,
can drive in snow, and don't view it as a life-threatening event
that you must go out and buy bread and milk
(MILK? If you lose power, you can't refrigerate it and
if you put it outside, it, who runs out of bread???)
for, in case you are snowed in for weeks and weeks...c'mon!
If you look at the weather patterns where we live, most of
our weather comes from the Gulf. Warm. and wet. We have
higher humidity here than in the northern mountain areas,
like Boone, and if you watch you
will see that temps and humidity often are the same in Winter
as Wilmington, NC area, where we moved not fair!
Summers ARE cooler here, thank goodness, but where is my SNOW??
Here is a pic of Tippy, just a year old, looking confused at the
dusting of whatever on the deck and the spidersilks hanging f
rom the tree by the corner of the house, where the poor spiders
woke up and hatched this week, while the temps were in the 60s.
Poor things!
Hoping we get more snow, but you know what they say around here
....."it can't snow here...doncha know it never snows in Hell?"!! (
referring to how hot it gets downtown in Bryson- they chop down
all the trees in town, and it being in a bowl(valley) and lots of asphalt,
it gets in the high 90s all Summer-thank goodness we live out of town
and up the mountain, with lots of trees).
Crossing my fingers for REAL snow! But NOT holding my breath.

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Lidia said...

I hope you get your snow but maybe it can wait for Christmas Eve! I just don't want any on the roads for my drive home tomorrow. ;)